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Bottletop Burette :

Bottletop Burette VITLAB continuous RS

supplied by VITLAB GmbH

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Volume / t [ml] : 5,0
Thread : GL 45
Adapters : GL 32, 38, S 40

Product description

The burette continuous:
precise titration, perfect handling

The pulse-free dispensing technique of the burette continuous makes titration safer at high-level precision.

The burette continuous can be used for titration agents up to a concentration of 2 Mol/l. During the titration process, the burette fills automatically, eliminating time-consuming refills.

The burette continuous undercuts especially in partial volumes the margins of error defined by DIN EN ISO 8655-3.

All operation controls and the digital display have an ergonomic and functional design and are arranged clearly.

- Pulse-free dispensing technique for continuous and quick titration (5 ml/sec)
- Innovative recirculation valve allows for recirculation within the closed system to avoid
  reagent waste.
- Timesaving elimination of filling procedures
- Clear and precise display of titrated volume
- Battery-operated, easily replaceable micro-batteries
- Dispensing range from 0,010 ml to 999,9 ml
- Dispensing volume per hand wheel rotation 2,5 ml (continuous E), 5,0 ml (continuous RS)
- Can be calibrated
- Service-friendly modular design
- Device can be rotated on the bottle 360°
- Telescoping intake tube extractable from 200 to 350 mm
- Adapters for drying tube and filter
- Certificate of conformity according to DIN 12600


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Reference of chemicals

Chemicals which can be used with this equipment.
Chemical CAS
Tonabersat 175013-84-0
Fosaprepitant 172673-20-0
Xamoterol 81801-12-9
Proglumetacin 57132-53-3
Ethyldichlorosilane 1789-58-8
Pirfenidone 53179-13-8
Cloquintocet 88349-88-6
Bromelin 9015-70-7
Eriodictyol 552-58-9
Fludrocortisone 127-31-1
Trifluoro(methanol)boron 373-57-9
Salmefamol 18910-65-1
Triisopropylchlorosilane 13154-24-0
Giripladib 865200-20-0
Cyclopropaneethanamine 62893-54-3
Nedocromil 69049-73-6
Octacosanol 557-61-9
Ethychlozate 27512-72-7

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